Jangir Maddadi

Jangir Maddadi

Design Story

Jangir Maddadi is a Swedish designer based in the lovely town of Kalmar in southeast Sweden. Originally from Kurdistan, he arrived in the country at a young age and never left the town he loves. He first made a breakthrough on the design scene when he designed the Union Bench, a beautiful and ingenious system of benches for public spaces. Since his promising beginnings, Jangir has developed a range of great contemporary designs showing talented skills and unlimited inspiration. His work is regularly displayed in prestigious design fairs such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

‘The role of designers is to make everyday living easier and more appealing.’ Solving problems and responding to human beings’ needs is what drives Jangir’s creativity. He has always been interested in understanding how objects function. As a child, he dismantled bikes and put them back together to see how they worked and created traps that captured mice without killing them to help his uncle who had a mice problem at home. Years later, the same passion remains in Jangir’s attitude whose creativity has been widely rewarded, from the young entrepreneur award as naturalised citizen of Sweden that he received from the King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden to the enquiry from Columbia Pictures to feature the Union Bench Panorama in the set of Men in Black 3.

Jangir is particularly attached to Sweden where all his design pieces are produced. His suppliers are based within one hour drive of his home which allows the best possible collaboration. Together they have developed a strong relationship along the years, getting to know each other’s talents and expectations.

Jangir travels very often and seeing people in various places outside Sweden feeds his inspiration tremendously. Airports are a particularly interesting observation spot for him as people are coming from everywhere in the world and are all regrouped temporarily in the same location. Jangir designs for the human being and wants to ensure that the exchange goes both ways. ‘Every designer’s soul lives in the products they design. I spend a huge amount of time thinking about my products, fighting with them, working hard with them until I am truly happy with them. At that point they are ready to go, so when people are buying a piece, they buy a piece of me as well.’

“The role of designers is to make everyday living easier and more appealing.”

Discover Jangir Maddadi’s products

  • Captain Chair
    by Jangir Maddadi
    CHF 1395
  • Grace Coffee Table
    by Jangir Maddadi
    CHF 545
  • Swarm Lamp
    by Jangir Maddadi
    CHF 435