Marlo & Isaure

Marlo & Isaure

Design Story

Marlo Kara and Isaure Bouyssonie met at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale D’Art de Lausanne). She is French, born in Tunisia, and he is Swiss-Greek. Isaure started by studying design in Lyon before coming to Switzerland, while Marlo began training in visual arts before being accepted into the industrial design department at the prestigious Vaud college. At the end of 2012, they decided to launch themselves as a duo, in parallel with their respective activities: Design Studio Renens for Isaure and completion of his studies for Marlo.

It was at the Geneva Design Days that their first collection was officially launched. The following year they were finalists in the HAY Talent Award contest with their Circus coffee tables, and were invited to exhibit at Formland in Denmark. This was followed by exhibitions at Maison & Objet in Paris and at the Milan Furniture Fair, where we first got to know them.

Marlo & Isaure work as a pair, comparing their respective points of view and creating out of this exchange. Their Mediterranean culture brings them together, and their ECAL education has led them to common cultural influences and references. The starting point for their creative process is first and foremost artistic. “It starts with us liking a certain material that makes us want to create a project using it.” They love and collect fine objects, especially those that are out of the ordinary, and above all they like giving them a unique contemporary touch. Their sources of inspiration are diverse: they like Danish design and are influenced by fashion, textiles and architecture. “Everything is permeable, all of these fields are open to each other”, says Isaure, who excels at hunting down images and objects of all sorts to feed their creativity.

Marlo & Isaure have just set up home in Tunisia to get closer to the local artisans with whom they collaborate. It is these artisans and this know-how that enrich their creations.

“Comparing our points of view feed our creativity. We work as a pair.”

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