Verena Hennig

Design Story

Neo/Craft is based in Berlin and led by designer Sebastian Scherer. It is frankly impossible to cross paths with these design objects without being impressed by their aesthetics and uniqueness. While featuring strong individual identities, the creations of Neo/Craft aim to create a direct relationship with people through the enjoyment they provide.

In Sebastian’s work, the idea of craft is omnipresent. Traditional craftsmanship meets modern production techniques. He constantly research innovative production processes that will bring to life his creative thinking and ensures to always do it locally to be continuously present throughout the development of his design objects. Choosing the right material to achieve the best results in terms of both appearance and tactility ensure the highest quality standard for decades to come. He is passionate about every detail of the object he creates, bringing the utmost care to elements that would not necessarily be obvious at first but essential.

Sebastian Scherer has made a noteworthy breakthrough on the international design scene by winning the Lexus Design Award in 2014 with his fabulous Iris lamp. Since then, the recognition has increased tremendously. But to a certain extent, not of this is surprising. Always searching for new techniques, it is impressive to see how perfectly at ease he is with a wide range of materials, ranging from glass to aluminum and many more.

Looking at his career path, he was driven to furniture design rather intuitively and studied product design. Experienced interior designer in vibrant Berlin, Sebastian has always been designing and prototyping furniture in his free time. As a result, the launch of Neo/Craft has quickly proven to be successful and will without doubt continue on this path.

“Each object has the potential to create a unique relationship with people.”

Discover Neo/Craft’s creations:

  • Isom side table
    by Neo/Craft
    CHF 1230
  • Diamond lamp
    by Neo/Craft
    CHF 440