Di Classe I Domei Endo

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Design Story

Domei Endo is an internationally renowned Japanese designer who has been hugely influenced by his travels within Europe. His lamps have a very unique style: they are highly contemporary objects mixing delicacy and with strong personality.

As a design student he visited Italy numerous times where he discovered Venetian lamps and the light they produce through their glass shades. He had never seen such a use of light in Japan, where lighting is mostly direct and as bright as possible. This finding influences his entire career in design.

In designing lighting, Domei considerers shadows as well as illumination. He goes far beyond the functional aspect of a lamp and focuses on the effect a certain type of light can have on us in our everyday lives. Strongly inspired by nature, his goal is to replicate the natural phenomena we observe around us and the change of light as it moves from dusk to night. In Japanese culture, work is of utmost importance and takes up most of people’s time. Strong fluorescent lighting is always present, at work and at home, no matter the time of the day. By introducing orange lighting, Domei aims to create relaxing atmosphere that make people’s lives a little more natural and healthy. The importance that nature plays in his work is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and traditions, just as teahouses, traditional Japanese gardens or the art of arranging flowers are all influenced by nature.

Di Classe I Domei Endo

With this very distinctive mix of Japanese and European influence, Domei has received international praise. His work is regularly displayed at the main design fairs such as Maison & Objet in Paris or Clerkenwell Design Week in London.

“We need to rethink about the role light plays in our daily lives.”
Di Classe I Domei Endo

Arles Lamp

With its distinctive shape, the Arles lamp combines contemporary design and traditional influences.