Design Story

The Stilgraf manufacture was born out of the meeting between Philipp Graf and Martin Stillhart. These designers, specialising in production, share a love of finely produced beautiful objects. Their understated and refined collection brings together stationery and decorative items made from wood, paper and other natural materials. Whether made by them or discovered among the products of other makers, their objects form part of a writing culture that prefers to write on fine paper rather than type on a keyboard.

The care that Stilgraf gives to production is striking: it’s all in the delicacy of the paper and the details. Its products use only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, and in-house production – which takes place mostly in Switzerland – is carbon-neutral. Thanks to their respective professional experience, Philipp and Martin know many manufacturers personally, and they ensure to foster close links with them to achieve the desired quality. Firmly believing that the value of an object depends on the quality of its workmanship, Stilgraf pays the same attention to everything in its collection.

The pair have diverse and complementary influences. Martin immersed himself in typography at the beginning of his career, influenced by the work of Wolfgang Weingart, while Philipp is a connoisseur of production techniques and carries a love of nature and woodland in his very genes. In 1935, when very few people gave a thought to the concept of sustainability, his grandfather founded N.Z. Perpetual Forests Ltd, specialising in forestry work and reforestation in Auckland, New Zealand.

Kaweco Pocket Ballpoint Pen

Mutual understanding and complementarity are the defining features of Martin and Philipp’s work. Their best ideas are born during their regular excursions, whether it’s a hike or a visit to a new factory.

“It isn’t old-fashioned to prefer writing on a nice paper rather than typing on a keyboard.”

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