Next Stop Basel April 29 - May 1st

21/04/2016 Véronique Le Fort

The Heidi & James family recently expanded to welcome three new talented designers. We are extremely pleased to now include in our collection designs from Kangan Arora, Verena Hennig and Sebastian Scherer who runs Neo/Craft. From new designers to new exhibitions! Last month we spent a few days at Foound in Geneva and our next stop will be in Basel from April 30th to May 1st for the Blickfang design fair.

Back in the beginning of March, we headed to Geneva to discover new design objects that we recently added to our collection had arrived just in time for our next exhibition! On opening the delivery boxes we were once again amazed by the pure line form of the Isom tables from Neo/Craft. Also from Neo/craft were the Diamond pendant lamps. They capture delicately the light on their matte finish in the most elegant way. A multitude of patterns and subtle colour shades suddenly invaded the room when we unpacked the lovely cushions of up-and-coming designer Kangan Arora. All fresh from being hand screen-printed in her London studio. The cherry on the cake to the new delivery was that we even got the prototypes of Verena Hennig’s ROLL collection for our exhibition!

Isom by Neo/Craft
Diamond by Neo/Craft
cushions Jali Forest, Painter, Radium Random Forest, Lucknow and Jali Pop by Kangan Arora
ROLL chairs and stool by Verena Hennig

For this event, we gathered the work of our twelve designers that we now represent. The favourites from the last show were once again on view, enabling people to get up close and personal with their desired piece. There were other new unseen designs to celebrate too such as the Butterfly pendant lamp from Tom Raffield, similar to the Skipper pendant but made from thinner width wooden strips with more abundance giving a spring like feel to the set. The Argos wall decorations by Marlo & Isaure were also present keeping a watchful eye or eyes over the proceedings!

Skipper floor lamp and Butterfly pendant by Tom Raffield

As per our last event at Voisins, we wanted to find a living space that we could be part of for a few days. The concept store Foound was just what we needed: an eclectic and welcoming location celebrating creativity. This old fabric warehouse has great flexible space and they present a wide variety of local businesses: designers, artists, tattoo shop, hairdresser and a bike shop among others. Convivial, specialist but without pretention, one-year-old Foound is a perfect setup for our Geneva week.

As per every exhibition, the interior set design for Heidi & James was carried out by Catnuss studio. They once again perfectly showcased our design objects in this joyful creative environment. As a result we had to say goodbye to a lot of pieces purchased by our enthusiastic visitors.

Our next exhibit and pop up shop will be part of the design fair at Blickfang in Basel from April 29th until May 1st. On the programme at Blickfang: furniture & accessories, fashion, jewellery, kids design and other objects of desire. We shall be bringing Neo/Craft Isom tables, Tom Raffield’s Skipper floor lamp, and the ever popular Arles lamp from Di Classe. We are looking forward to hitting the road and sharing these amazing designs with the people of Basel (and those who travel a little further!) So please pop by our store and come and say hello!

Heidi & James